Bananagram Game

Bananagrams GameGames that challenge players to make up words, using tiles with letters on them, is nothing new. Neither is the Bananagrams Game, which has been out for a few years now, but like other kinds of games in the genre it continues to be very popular and difficult to ignore.

Where the Bananagrams game stands out from the crowd is in the speed of play. One game – called ‘hand’ – could last for just five minutes, as there is no sitting around and waiting for someone else to finish their turn. Each player just take their share (up to 21) of the 144 tiles, and start building their own words.

Once a player has used up all their letters, they can call out for everyone to take one more letter from the stack, until the stack has less tiles left than there are players in the game. At that time, the game will end once one of the players have used up all their tiles. This player will win, if all their words can be found in a dictionary, and are spelled correctly.

The game can be played by yourself on your own – or by up to eight players – and provides awesome family fun for everyone from primary school age and up. Some people who doesn’t even like playing games have been known to get totally hooked on Bananagrams – and the game appeals equally to beginners as it does to hardcore word game fanatics.

Other features of the game is that you don’t need anything other than the game itself to play it. There is no game board, no pens and paper – all you have to do is grab the pouch and go – so the game is great for bringing on holidays as well. As long as there’s a flat surface – nothing can stop you from playing Bananagrams.

If you’re looking for some all-round family entertainment during the long winter nights, a quick and easy game to bring on holidays and caravan trips, a game that provides loads of fun while being both challenging and educational – look no further! The Bananagrams Game is the answer to your prayers – and you’re not very likely to find anything that will top it.

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