Elefun Butterfly Catching Game

Elefun Butterfly Catching GameEveryone loves having a bit of fun. Some people funds it funny playing games. Others like catching butterflies. So why not roll it all into one? That is what Hasbro has done with the Elefun Butterfly Catching Game – the game that allows you to catch more than just butterflies – you can catch a few giggles too.

The new and updated version of the game comes with 2 butterfly nets, around 30 vividly coloured ‘butterflies’ and the Elefun head/trunk that will blow the butterflies high up in the air (trunk will reach up to 4ft high). The object of the game is to catch as many butterflies as possible, before they hit the ground. The one to catch the most butterflies wins the game.

There is a way that you can win the game – even if you don’t catch the most butterflies – and that is by catching the special golden butterfly, which will give you an instant win.

The older version of the game, which is still available to buy, features the same contents as the new version – only there’s 4 nets in the pack – making it a bit more of a family game. The older version is in a less colourful box – so if you want more family fun – buy the old elefun game. Alternatively, you can buy the new version, and add a couple of butterfly nets to your order.

The Elefun game requires 4x C-type batteries, which is not included when you buy the game, so if you’re planning on playing with it straight out of the box, you need to add those to your order as well. You’ll want to buy good quality batteries, as the Elefun unit does take up a good bit of power, so poor batteries will quickly run out and detract from the fun. You may even want to consider buying re-chargable batteries, to keep your costs down in the long run.

People who have bought the Elefun Butterfly Catching Game already reports that once you overcome these few issues, it really is a good family time game, which is lots of fun for young and old. So, if you want to catch a few butterflies/giggles, or need something to keep kids entertained at a birthday party, this game could well be the answer.

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