Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds FarmFarms and animals are popular toys among most toddlers, combining sounds, textures and machines for lots and lots of imaginative play and learning. The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is an excellent toy for children aged 12 months and up, which will teach them about life on a farm.

Farmer Jed and his five animal friends will help your little one discover what a busy, but fun place a farm can be. Each of the animals have their own sound and texture. The cottony cow will go ‘Mooo’, the squishy pig will go ‘Oink’, the hairy horse will go ‘Niiarrgh’, the wooly sheep will go ‘Baaahh’ and the velvety chicken will ‘cluck’ away.

Apart from the chicken, which stays at the farm, all the animals and Farmer Jed are free to move around. Also, the whole set can be surface cleaned with a damp cloth, which is handy if the farm or the animals gets messy, which is bound to happen considering its target audience. Also, the farm is well built, so will stand up to hours of rough play.

The recommended age for the Fisher Price Farm is 1-5 years of age, but parents who bought it says that children down to 8 months of age have had fun using it, and that children above the age of 3 probably won’t give it a lot of time. In other words, this toy is best suited for toddlers.

The farm can be played with straight out of the pack, so you don’t need to put things together, but you do need to have 3 AA batteries to hand, if you want the farm to work.

All in all the Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is an excellent toy for toddlers, and will develop their senses and learning on many levels. It is highly recommended by those parents who bought it already, and that is the best recommendation any toy can get.

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