Haynes Internal Combustion Engine

Haynes Internal Combustion EngineToday we are going to look at what you may think of as a boys toy – yet there is no reason why girls couldn’t fall in love with this toy – and in any case it will teach some very useful skills to those who really get into it. The toy we are talking about is Haynes Internal Combustion Engine.

Haynes is probably best known for publishing books on how to repair almost any car on the UK roads, with repair guides and service manuals for all makes and models. Very useful for the DIY mechanic.

With this model of a combustion engine, they have created a great educational toy for those who were born with a spanner in their hand, or at least show a bit of interest in engineering. If you’re a parent or grand parent of a child who fits that description you may want to encourage them by adding this toy to their wishlist.

This set includes all the parts you need to build the engine, and a booklet with clear instructions on how to do it. In the booklet there is also a section clearly explaining the theory behind combustion engines, how to maintain them and the lingo you need to know if you want to work with them.

Most people will not have many problems assembling the engine, if any at all, though there has been some reports of one or two missing parts in some packs. These have, however, all been dealt with by Haynes customer service.

Another complaint made by some customers is that this engine doesn’t have enough power to run anything, which, although that would be great fun, shouldn’t come as a surprise since this is a model for educational purposes.

All in all this is a great toy for anyone who aspire to become an engineer or mechanic, and a cheap way to find out if your child have a real interest in the subject, before you go and buy the real thing. The Haynes Internal Combustion Engine is a perfect starting point.

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