Nerf Dart Tag Speedloader 6

Nerf Darttag Speedload 6Nerf guns has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, and little wonder why. They really are good fun for kids of all ages, who likes to have a little shootout once in a while without running the risk of getting injured. One of the latest Nerf guns to see the light of day is the Nerf Dart Tag Speedloader 6.

Basically this new shooter has come out to replace the very popular Nerf N-strike Maverick, which has a rotating barrel loader. On this gun the barrel loader have been replaced with a super fast internal clip-loading mechanism, which holds 6 darts, and will help you to really blast off your enemy when you get sight of them and they are within range.

The range of the Speedloader is the same as the Maverick, so you can comfortably hit targets up to 10 metres (35 feet) away. It uses the same ‘bullets’ as the Maverick as well – the Nerf Dart Tag Darts – which will whistle as they fly through the air, and stick to their target if is has got a wooly surface, as they have a bit of velcro fastened on to the tip. This is great for battles and target shooting alike, because it’s easy to tally things up afterwards.

There has been a few complaints that other Nerf darts, such as the Streamline darts, doesn’t work as well in this gun – but then – you’re better off buying the darts that were designed for use with the gun anyway. Also, some people have complained that the gun jams quite easily, due to the clip-load mechanism, and that getting the darts out is difficult and will break them. Not everyone seems to have this problem though.

I believe it would be safe to say that the Nerf Dart Tag Speedloader 6 is another great gun from Nerf. With the great range of guns in existence, everyone is always going to have their preferences – I have mine – and I know how much my own kids love playing with their Nerf guns, so I can recommend them without any hesitation at all.

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