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Articulate! GameToday we’re going to look at a classic game – in other words it hasn’t just come out like most of the toys featured on the site – but it has proven to stand the test of time, and still entertain families across the world. We’re going to talk about the Articulate! Game.

The object of the game is quite simple. It’s about describing a word as fast as possible, without actually saying the word itself or using the phase “it rhymes with” or “it sounds like”. No – the describing player needs to be fast thinking, fast talking and fast acting out the word for other members of their team – and have them guess as many words as possible within a short time frame.

There are 6 categories from which you need to describe words: Object, Nature, Action, World, Person and Random. This means you could end up describing anything from a deep fat fryer – over a TV celebrity – to the Sahara Desert. The words to be described are decided by where the team’s game piece land on the game board – the drawing from the 500 game cards containing a combined 3000 words to be guessed – and you’re not going to run out of fun any time soon.

But the game goes further than that! The competing teams gets the chance to throw a ‘spinner’ in the works, and win bonuses or the chance to halt other teams progress and put out traps, making sure that the game has a tactical element to it as well. If things weren’t competitive already, wait until someone lands on the ‘Control’ segment, and watch the competitiveness soar to epic proportions! In fact, it can become that competitive that some families have had to ban the game for Christmas.

Articulate has been hailed as the perfect family game to include almost anyone. The standard version is not suitable for younger kids, but they have the Articulate For Kids game available to them. Also, if you have played the game that much that you think you know all the answers, you can now buy the Articulate Expansion Pack No 1.

So, if you’re looking for a game that can bring the whole family together, from the stroppy teenager to Granny and Grandad, the Articulate! Game could well be the answer to your prayers. It is not for no reason that this game has been in the top ten of best selling board games in the UK since its first release in 1992 – and have won several prices and rewards since then. It’s family entertainment of the highest order!

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