Vtech Gadget The Robot

Gadget The Robot From VtechThere’s something about robots that draws interest from kids of all ages, and that goes for Gadget The Robot from Vtech as well. This charming little guy, which doubles up as an excellent pre-school learning toy and an interactive kids gadget, is no different.

He comes with 30 different learning chips, 26 of which will teach each letter of the alphabet and a word starting with that letter, and 4 special chips. Each chip slots into Gadget’s nose – much like you put money in a sweets machine – so kids are well aware how to work it.

The robot has 6 different learning modes. Learning will teach the letters and the word on the chip – Charge Me Up will make Gadget hungry for chips, so he will tell you how many he wants – Super Speller will spell out the word on the chip – Follow Along will make Gadget ask you to follow a sequence, turning his eyes and ears – Robot Rock will have Gadget dancing at a clap of your hand – and finally Quiz Mode will have Gadget asking you a question that you answer by inserting the correct chip.

All the chips can be stored in a ‘backpack’ that you can fasten onto Gadget’s back so the chips are safely stored away while not being played with. The robot requires 4 AA batteries to work. You get batteries with the toy – but you may want to buy some extra for backup – just in case.

Gadget is built for pre-school kids, aged from 3-7 years, but in all honesty kids at the top end of this group may well find this toy a bit boring. As a parent you’ll be happy to know that the robot has 3 volume settings – so although he has a cute robot voice – he won’t necessarily drive you crazy after a few hours of play.

There are lots of ways to play with Gadget The Robot from Vtech – so your kids are not going to get bored anytime soon if you decide to buy one for them. He will offer hours of fun and interactive play – and teach kids loads of different skills through play – right up until they start school.

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