Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory

Wild Science Bath Bomb FactoryWe all know that children learn best about things by playing. Perhaps this is one reason that the Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory has become a really popular toy, along with other sets in the series.

The Wild Science playsets teaches kids about the science behind some of the things we buy an use in every day life, while at the same time allowing them actually produce the items, and use them afterwards.

The Bath Bomb Factory doesn’t stop at making bath bombs, however, but also lets your child explore other related products, mostly based on things you can do with bicarbonate of soda, which in the case of the bath bombs will create the fizz. Other things your child can do with the set includes phunny phoam, bathroom volcanos and a bicarbonate submarine.

Kids of all ages have fun with this set, and while they thoroughly enjoy the creating process, they are also quite keen to get into the bath afterwards to give their creations a try. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. While the set is meant for children aged 8+, there is nothing to say that younger kids can’t get some fun out of this, although they will need supervising.

Now – you could be forgiven for thinking that a bath bomb factory is a girls toy only – which the colours on the pack suggests as well, but that is not the case. I have had a request from my own son to get him one for Christmas, so he can make some bath bombs for his mum. Aww – how sweet!

Although the set includes enough materials to make a few bath bombs, and carry out more of the experiments, eventually you are going to run out. Not to worry! There are no ingredients in the set which aren’t readily available from the shops – and certainly they can be bought online. Otherwise you can always buy another set.

A small word of warning needs to go out – the making of the bath bombs can be a bit of a messy affair – so allow for this when you let your kids loose with the set. Also, ladies, if you have any expensive perfumes lying about – you may want to put them out of your little scientists’ way – before they find their way into the bath bombs.

The Wild Science Bath Bomb Factory really is a great way to get your kids to learn about science, while playing, and producing things you might go and buy for a pretty penny from a gift shop anyway. If you have a child who loves exploring and likes being creative and making things, this set is a no-brainer – and a great stocking filler.

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