Elefun Butterfly Catching Game

Everyone loves having a bit of fun. Some people funds it funny playing games. Others like catching butterflies. So why not roll it all into one? That is what Hasbro has done with the Elefun Butterfly Catching Game – the game that allows you to catch more than just butterflies [...] Read more »

The Amazing Spider-Man Web Shooting Spider-Man

Spider-Man is an extremely popular super hero with most kids, and every time a new Spider-Man movie hits the big screens, a whole host of Spider-Man related toys is guaranteed to find their way to the shelves in the toy stores. This time round the must-have toy resulting from The [...] Read more »

Bop It! Smash

The brand new Bop It! Smash game is a spin-off of the much loved Bop It! games that has been around for years, and get ever more imaginative and challenging each in their own way. The aim of this new Bop It! is to hold on to each end, watch [...] Read more »